Gentrification, a fancy word for the displacement of people who were there when an elevated freeway ran directly through the neighborhood, young men were shot dead routinely, everybody in the Bay Area avoided West Oakland, considered it the antipode to Pacific Heights, a hole, a dumping ground for the poor, exhibit a for everything wrong with America, a war zone in that luxury indulged in so long by middle class white people, the war on drugsContinue reading


These local fire and police departments, obsolete as rotary phones on the wall, with the duplication of the top paying jobs in every municipality, confusion over who responds to what at antiquated borders.

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In the New World, the place where information, images, many of them horrifying, Jihadi John, a lunatic from England now upon the desert sands doing his thing, no Eton and Oxford for him, bombard the overtaxed brain, Continue reading


Like Lincoln Road in Miami Beach (see below), West Oakland is proof positive, admissible evidence, the facts growing plainer each day, that when cars are given less precedence, roads removed from the urban core, people, new ways of thinking, money, follows. Continue reading


All weather has it charms mainly because it reminds us we are alive.  But after two winters on Aquidneck Island, to step off the train in California after a trip through the most eye popping scenery in the world – mountains that seem to touch the sky – plains so vast they appear to go on forever – rivers that sparkle with a hard gem like flame – is to be reminded of the possibilities once again. Continue reading