usc – 10

035The Republican candidates, people addicted to attention, straight white men who, in general, stumbled into what consumers of politicians recognize, like a Warhol Brillo box but less interesting, everyone beaming all the time, showing they’re happy, not depressed, not someone who never watches NASCAR, not into porn, not fat, not, not, not anything which might distinguish them;   Continue reading

usc – 9

archangelsAcross the dappled bay, the rainbow flags appear on Market Street, the sign, once again, that the sexual orientation minority, the murky 10 percent, the people who represent, according to E.O. Wilson in The Social Conquest of Earth, an evolutionary adaptation, a natural braking method on population to help humankind survive on a rock flying through space, are, here, to, stay.   permanently. Continue reading

wo – 28

IMG_4499Hard core urban folk art, conjured by people living at the frontier, the dicey area besides the railroad tracks & elevated freeways, a no man’s land left unmolested by city code enforcement, dumpsters on wheels modified with doors, windows, objects found on the streets and converted for domestic use, ornamentation, into permanent homes. Continue reading

usc – 8

culturamaMoby Dick, the great American novel, has to be read three (3) times, in a life, to absorb the cadence (song) of the language, which resembles the Book of Isaiah, an understanding of Ahab, the king of addicts, also the apt & supreme symbol of humankind’s determination to destroy everything most wondrous, whose obsession with nothing important, elaborate shopping really,  Continue reading

wo – 27

IMG_0147How do you reclaim the best public spaces from annoying cars? Broadway, the main street in downtown Oakland, for instance. The best practice, close it’s vertical axis to private vehicular traffic, permit traffic flow across, same as on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach, an asphalt polluted car canyon in a seedy commercial district 25 years ago, Continue reading

wo – 26

IMG_5380What’s a rave ?  says Urban Dictionary: any gathering of people centered around listening to and dancing to electronic music, as played by a set of live djs. Originated in 1989 in the UK as underground, often illegal gatherings in abandoned warehouses. Often characterized by the positive, psychedelic atmosphere, influenced often (but not always) by drugs and casual sex.   Continue reading

wo – 25

IMG_0439Walking shirtless in modish pants through the flat lands, the hood between West Oakland and downtown, two miles at least, nothing of the California the Beach Boys sang about around, in blazing heat, after a pit stop at Fusebox for refreshment.   Continue reading